Pascal Parent

Pascal Parent

In my daily life I am a software architect, a stressful job but I love it.

I got bitten by the photography bug when I took a sabbatical for software development many moons ago, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel throughout Southern   Africa as a tour guide.
Though not an easy profession it brought new aspects to my life, one of these was photography, I never looked back.

Nowadays, I look froward to my holidays, time off, traveling, weekends – long or short – so I can grab my camera and shoot.

My wife and I will just hook up the trailer, point in a direction and go onto an adventure. We are bound to find something every time and it is a lot of fun to boot, see the places I visited and photographed at here.

I try to shoot a variety of subjects and using many styles, however there are a few favorites:

I like getting this close to wildlife

I like getting this close to wildlife

  • Wildlife
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Long exposure
  • Panoramic cityscape and landscapes
  • Macro

I also do some studio work and sports from time to time and print my own photographs and sell.

Though I make some money out of it, I do it all for the fun and I do not derive enough income to call it a profession or a business.

Both my photographs and my reviews have been published in various online and print magazines.

You can find out more about me on LinkedIn

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